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Lara and Michelle are two southern nurses who eloped to New York City with me as their sole witness. Aren't their dresses fantastic? I love how they coordinate even though they are from two different stores.

New York has been wickedly, bitterly cold lately, and on the day they got married the wind was cutting through our jackets. They toughed it out for a few dress-without-coats photos outside before zipping up and snugging together which ended up being a favorite shot. We ducked into a pizza parlor to warm up and figure out a strategy, which turned out to be a good move; we just stayed there, and they celebrated by sharing a cookie shaped like a wedding cake.

I wanted to take individual photos of them, and got a cup of coffee while I mulled over where. It was way too cold and windy to go outdoors and get good photos with any hope of neat and tidy hair. My eyes landed on the colorful case of drink bottles and I was inspired. Bingo! Perfect, colorful, and right by the window.

We don't always get perfect weather for weddings, but that's ok. Elopement photography is about telling a story of love. It's human and it's real, even when there are challenges, but that's why I love it.

Plus I get to meet awesome people in love!

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