Linda, Gabriel and Stella | New York City Family Photographer

Mid-way through this shoot, Stella got hungry. Linda moved to go to the other room, but I stopped her.

"Stay here and let me take photos," I said. "Just for you. You'll want to remember this." Linda was hesitant, but her husband was supportive and encouraging (great guy!) and so she stayed in the living room and let me snap away while Stella ate. The last photo above is Stella right after - babies are so hilarious with how much they loooove milk! That is one really happy little face.

I won't show those shots here, because they're personal, but I keep going back to peek at them; they make me tear up and catch my breath every time. I encourage every new mom have photos taken while breastfeeding. They'll be cherished memories for years to come, even if you only keep them to yourself.

We women are amazing.