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Woah that's a lot of pink!

You might remember that Lisa has been in front of my camera before, at her wedding a few months ago in the fall. It was such a treat to see her again, this time in my Park Slope studio. Usually my studio head shots are on a plain gray background, but Lisa was flipping through my blog, spotted the pink background, and decided it suited her well. See? I left it up for a reason! And don't you agree? She looks lovely and vibrant against it.

A photographer friend of mine who lives in Montreal came down to New York for a visit, and while she was here,she taught me a new, better method of taking studio head shots. Now I'm thrilled to pieces with the results; my blogger head shots are better than ever! The price, though, is still the same bargain, and so shall it remain.

If you are a realtor, writer, blogger, or anyone needing a fun, quick head shot package for social media and LinkedIn, get in touch by using my handy contact form. I have head shot session just right for you.

p.s. Lisa's husband Jerry came with her to the shoot, and I couldn't help take a few photos of them together, just for fun. We spared Jerry the pink!

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