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These are my friends Liz and Scott, and they've just had baby Ada, who was two weeks old when I took these. I emailed saying, "Hey, if you're up for me coming over and taking newborn photos..." which was really just an excuse to hold her and smell her new baby head.

She smells WONDERFUL. New babies are so excellent.

I snugged her for a little while, then we took some newborn portraits. My favorites are of her laying on the ground, where she conducted a symphony with her whole body. I flattened myself on the ground next to her and took a photo STRAIGHT up her nose, and got that wonderful shot of her perfect gummy toothlessness.

Isn't she great?!

If you need photos of your newborn, too, get in touch by using my contact form, and we'll set up an appointment. You do not have to clean up for me, and I don't care if you have spit up on your shirt. Promise.