Central Park Elopement | Jim & Sue

 Close up portrait of rings 
 Bride's pair of Jimmy Choo's
 portrait of grooms Prada shoes 
 Close up portrait of bride's earings 
 Photo of Bride's necklace 
 Wedding rings and lace dress detail
 Bride getting make up done by Sachiko Yanase
 Portrait of brides coat 
 Sprout home floral design bouquet details 
 Bride's bouquet by Sprout Home Floral Design 
 Close up of bride in J. Crew dress
 Photo of groom putting on his Ralph Lauren Suit 
 Groom getting ready for his big day 
 portrait of bride putting on her jacket 
 Bride's bouquet with NYC skyline in the background 
 New York City buildings 
 Close up portrait of groom's Rolex watch 
 Black and. white portrait of bride's bouquet 
 black and white portrait of first look 
 Bride and groom's first look in black and white 
 Portrait of. bride and groom during wedding ceremony 
 Bride and groom saying I Do 
 black and white portrait of elopement ceremony 
 NYC bride and groom exchange rings during elopement 
 Bride and groom kiss during ceremony 
 Portrait of newlweds after ceremony 
 Black and white portrait of newlyweds walking together 
 black and white portrait of groom kissing his bride 
 Portrait of newlyweds together in NYC 
 Bride and groom laughing together in front of bride 
 New York City  bride and groom after ceremony 
 Bride and groom smiling at each other outside 
 Black and white photograph of newlyweds celebrating in NYC 
 Black and white portrait of bride and groom by fountain 
 bride kissing groom in front of fountain 
 Close up portrait of bride holding bouquet 
 Black and white portrait of bride and groom on walk 
 NYC newlyweds portrait in black and white 
 Groom looking at his bride in NYC 
 Bride and groom celebrate NYC Elopement 
 Close up of bride and groom in NYC 
 Bride and groom holding hands after elopement 
 Bride and groom on park bench in NYC
 Solo portrait of NYC bride holding her bouquet 
 Solo portrait of groom in black and white 
 Black and white portrait of bride and groom kissing 
 Birds flying around NYC on wedding day 
 Bride and groom after luxury elopement 
 Black and white photograph of bride and groom kissing 
 Bride laughing as she walks through NYC with groom 
 Bride and groom walking through the streets of NYC 
 photograph of newlyweds enjoying a walk in NYC 
 NYC bride in Jimmy Choo's 
 New York City bride and groom 
 NYC Bride and groom in front of taxi 
 Bride and groom celebrate luxury elopement

There are way, way too many photos in this blog post, but I couldn't help myself! Jim and Sue were such a sweet couple, and I loved their classic style. Sue even managed to get her Jimmy Choos to match her J.Crew coat in a perfect mint green, and I am in love. They both claimed to be awkward in photos, but these photos prove otherwise, and I got this sweet note from her:

Honestly, I was looking for one or two non awkward looking pictures of us and you definitely made that happen. My mom keeps says how natural and unposed they all look.

I think that is truly one of my greatest strengths as a photographer, likely because I spent most of my life being awkward myself. Really. I got sort of hot around age 28, but before that... it was geek city. I am very sympathetic to the feeling of feeling like you have to perform to get good photos, and have developed a good way to keep it genuine.

They came from Taiwan to of my all-time faves for winter elopements, the Ludlow Hotel. Their first look was by the fireplace in the lobby, and then we set out for Central Park to meet officiant Judie Guild on the Bow Bridge. After their ceremony I went with them downtown to the Meat Packing, and dropped them off for lunch. We used Pride Limo to get around, which is fabulous. They support the LGBT community and send chic black town cars to get you around in style. Love them! 

Jim and Sue a super fun couple, and you have to hear their engagement story, which involves another thing I can totally relate to: being "hangry". 

After we picked up the ring, Jimmy had a surprise that I was totally ruining. We had just gotten off a 14 hour flight and I was so hungry-to the point where I was getting hangry. I had been craving Chipotle for a long time, since we don’t have that here in Asia. So we stopped by a Chipotle, we got our burrito bowls and set off for our hotel. Normally, we stay at a nice hotel in Boston, but this time, to my surprise, we pulled into the Four Seasons. He had booked a suite in this fabulous hotel overlooking Boston Commons. Instead of the fancy room service meal he had been planning, we ended up getting engaged over a burrito bowl from Chipotle and watching Cops. It might seem weird or non sentimental to most people, but it was perfect for us!

Actually, that sounds perfect to me, too. Congrats Jim and Sue!

Makeup Sachiko Yanase | Florals Sprout Home Floral Design | Limo Pride LimoOfficiant Judie GuildSkirt and Top J. Crew | Suit Ralph Lauren | Rings Cartier | His Shoes Prada | Her Shoes Jimmy Choo | Earrings David Yurman | Watch Rolex