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Megan and Meghan eloped to New York City from Nashville, and tied the knot at the Dene Shelter - a tiny wooded structure tucked into the edge of Central Park. There's a similar, much more well-known structure called Cop Cot close by, but because the Dene Shelter is not as famous, it's very quiet and not many people know about it, making it the perfect spot for an intimate Central Park elopement. You can find it up a set of stone steps, around 5th Avenue at about 67th Street. It seems it would hold up under a light rain, too.

They were joined by three friends, and married by Judie Guild.

I have to confess, I changed Meghan's name to "glasses" when I was posing them, just to make my life easier (otherwise it would have been a lot of, "No, sorry... the other one.") and confirmed my suspicion that their friends refer to them collectively as "the Megans", which is pretty much the best thing ever.