Molly+Chris - elopement | New York City Elopement Photographer


Molly and Chris sort-of-eloped to City Hall in Manhattan. I say sort of, because there was a handful of family there to celebrate with them. And it was a lovely wedding - I cried! (I always cry. Don't worry, I can still operate my camera while sniffing.) Have you ever been to City Hall? So many newly married couples, all tearfully congratulating each other and sharing packages of tissues! It is likely the most joyful place in the entire city. We waited for their number to be called, and then they were married in a short, sweet ceremony presided over by a charming Justice of the Peace who we agreed looked just like Edna Mode from The Incredibles.

After the "grown ups" got into one taxi to go to dinner, Chris and Molly hailed their own cab to the restaurant and immediately started kissing in the back of it.