New Years Eve 2015

Katie and me. I love this girl!
Sarah and Chris of Smitten Chickens. Chris isn't usually in a suit when I see him, so I kind of hit on him. #dreamy
Katie. She's single, gentlemen!
Jessie and Jo. I made them swap places for this photo, for maximum hat awesomeness.
Blame the champagne.
Johanna, in her grandmothers vintage fur and wool coat and amazing hat. Yes to all of this.
My parties are always dogs welcome!
My adorable younger cousin. She's going to take over the world someday. 
Kamilla Harris, another amazing photographer! I met her in 2015; it feels like I've know her forever.

New Years Eve is my big holiday. The thought of every human being in the world celebrating the same thing at the same time makes me so deliriously happy! However, I hate going out in New York City on it. It's cold, people are way too drunk and insane, and Uber will rob you blind as you try to make your way home. Solution: I throw a huge party every year, and I don't have to leave the house. For the price of one fancy dinner with my husband, I can serve everyone a light supper and provide bottles of champagne, plus it's way more fun than a posh restaurant.  

This year I set up a photo booth in my bedroom, and rather than have it be self-operated, I took the photos myself (and Sarah took the ones I'm in). My backdrop was two yards of black velvet taped to my closet doors, and two flashes plus an Ice Light for lighting (Sarah, THANK YOU for helping me set this up!)

The dress code was "come however you'd be happy" which most of my girlfriends took to mean "Black tie" because they are fabulous. I wore a floor length , one-shouldered black Ralph Lauren gown that I found at a consignment shop a few months ago. Between it being second-hand and because there was a sale, it was about 70% off of retail. It fit me like a glove, so I couldn't just LEAVE it there; it would have been a sartorial crime.