Nicole's Boudoir | New York City Boudoir Photographer

Oh hel-lo! Back at BlogHer, Laura Boyd did a few photoshoots with some bloggers, including Yvonne from Joy Unexpected. They left me inspired to create some of my own.

I Iove women. You know those girls in college that always said, "I'm one of the dudes." or "I get along better with guys than girls."? I'm not them. I like girl power, gal pals, ladies lunch and all of the divine secrets of the traveling vagina monologues. So when I saw Yvonne's photos, traditionally for a man's taste but so "girl pretty", I was excited by how empowering they were, and how empowered she said they made her feel. I wanted to create that, too, and I want this to be part of my business.

Apparently it's not an especially tapped market, and many of the photographers that offer this have a more - ahem - "unwholesome aesthetic" or don't have women with actual curves in their portfolios. Thus, anyone who doesn't have an in-your-face kinky streak or has an extra pound or two is intimidated. You know, most of us.

Then I realized, of course, that I'd need a model to get me started on this, my first of hopefully many boudoir shots.

Thankfully, my friend Nicole is shameless and gorgeous.

So ladies, who's next?