Bryan + Tim's North Fork Long Island Vineyard Wedding

Northfork Vineyard Wedding
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northfork-vineyard-wedding 15.jpg

I'm so excited to share this wedding with you!

Bryan and Tim live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, just like I do, so photographing their wedding was extra special for me. We didn't stay in town, though; we traveled to Long Island's North Fork, to a vineyard for their intimate wedding. 

They opted to get ready together, asking a dear friend to help them with the ties, which I thought was funny and sweet. Their ceremony was officiated by Rev. Sarah Margaret, whose warm words were very touching, and their wedding was coordinated by Deborah Minarik who I adored (you know the horrible stereotype of the grumpy wedding planner? Not this lady! She had me smiling all night, and we really felt like a great team.)

I slipped outside during my break while they were eating to marvel at the stars. Far out from NYC, you can see them so clearly, and I took this photo for them, as a reminder of what the sky looked like the night they started their family.