One Shot: The Sisters

sisters at a wedding
sisters at a wedding

I got the "safe shot" during the family photos: three sisters in a row, clutching bouquets, two bridesmaids flanking their oldest sister in in her wedding gown. Gorgeous. Perfect.

"Let's do one without the bouquets," I said. The flowers were passed over to others, and the sisters looked at me expectantly.

"Now just... hold each other." I instructed.

Six freckled arms immediately intertwined and three ginger heads bumped together, as I imagine they have for dozens of previous photos, at graduations, birthday parties, on family vacations, and on sunny Saturdays in the backyard in the middle of summer in the 90's. Everyone got teary-eyed; you can see it in the photo. (This photographer will admit to getting a bit misty, too.)

I love doing unexpected portraits like this, and that even in the parts of the day that can be routine (Now the bridesmaids! Now the groomsmen! Now the couple with mom and dad!), I have the opportunity to take an extra minute - because my clients trust me, so they let me - to unearth something extra special like this.

Gah! Aren't they so sweet?