R + S | Intimate Central Park Wedding

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This gorgeous intimate wedding in Central Park took place right on the lake, with the bride and groom surrounded by family and friends (plus their pet dog!) After they exchanged vows, the newlyweds and I strolled around the grounds they run in every day as the daylight slipped into dusk, taking wedding photos around Central Park.

Her gorgeous custom-made turquoise green wedding dress was offset with an amazing peacock blue sash that featured delicate embroidery. It was absolutely stunning. She paired it with family jewelry and delicious shoes from Badgley Mischka.

I love this last photo of them hailing a taxi just as the headlights were starting to flick on at the end of the day. It's a perfectly iconic New York City wedding photo.

I photographed this wedding for another photographer. There is a network of us photographers, all women, all photographers that do elopements and intimate weddings as well as larger ones. We all live in New York and meet for wine about once a month. In between, we keep in close contact online, sharing business and photography tips and learning and bouncing ideas off each other. When the original booked photographer got sick suddenly, she called on few of us, and I was on the case with about four hours of lead time.

A client of mine recently asked me what would happen if something happened to me right before their wedding. Although this is extremely rare, here's the answer: I've got a wonderful group of people who will be there. Are these women technically competition? Sure. But boats rise together and we all believe that. (Besides, hundreds of people elope to New York City every day! There's more than enough work for all of us.)

I was happy to be able to step up when necessary and am so proud to be running a business in New York City with a sense of community... and with love.