Rachel + Steven | Central Park Wedding

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After abandoning their original plan of a big southern wedding, Rachel, Steven, and their immediate families took a trip up north to NYC to get married in Central Park. After looking for a local officiant that could marry them on short notice, they decided to fly their own pastor up, too. Along with Pastor was his son, who played acoustic guitar for their Cop Cot ceremony.

I met them at the Marriott for a giddy first look in a more secluded area of the hotel overlooking Times Square. Steven had discovered the NoMad Hotel online and thought it would be fantastic for them to take photos in. He was right! The inside was absolutely stunning. While we were shooting photos, The Kink's "Picture Book" came on. It's the perfect song to hear when you're taking wedding photos.

The dining room burst into applause at the sight of the bride and groom walking through, and the bar sent over two glasses of champagne for celebrating. Thank you, NoMad hotel!

After their wedding ceremony, I hugged their family goodbye and we whisked off to the Highline and surrounding area for some wedding photos with just the two of them. Then I tucked the newly married couple into a cab to go have dinner with their family.

Congratulations Rachel and Steven!

Hair and makeup by James Toribio | Bride's gown by Watters | Groom's Suit from J.Crew