A Rainy, Elegant Brooklyn Elopement | Cassandra & Richard

Bride and groom before elopement ceremony
Bride on her NYC rainy wedding day 
NYC Groom with Edelweiis bouquet 
Solo Portrait of groom before elopement 
NYC Bride and groom on elopement day
Bride and groom with NYC wall art 
Bride and groom waiting before NYC wedding
New York City clerks office ticket 
Elopement ceremony in NYC 
Black and white photograph of bride and groom kissing 
NYC bride and groom after ceremony 
Bride and groom on the streets of New York City 
Bride and groom kiss after NYC elopement 
Black and white NYC wedding photography 
The couple celebrates NYC elopement 

We were supposed to meet in Brooklyn to begin their elopement photos at 11:30 am. At 11:29, the sky over DUMBO broke open and dumped buckets on us. I scurried under the awning of the Brooklyn Ice Cream company and waited. 

Cassandra and Richard basically swam over to me, and the rain let up just enough that I was able to get some photos of them under my perfect-for-photos umbrella. Most clear umbrellas are a bubble shape, but this is a huge golf umbrella and perfect for two people. 

If you'd like your own, you can buy one here

We made it through DUMBO in between the rain that was teetering on and off, and onto the Brooklyn Bridge for a few quick photos before going into City Hall in Manhattan where they had their ceremony.

After emerging from City Hall to a now gorgeous day, I decided last minute to follow them to TriBeCa, where they were having lunch at Laconda Verde (it's where Colin and Doris ate after their wedding). It's so pretty there, I couldn't resist a few more photos.

Hair James Milligan | Makeup Lyndsey Ariel | Flowers Edelweiss | Dress Ralph Lauren | Rings Catbird