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"You mean you want to take wedding photos in Times Square?" I asked.

"No. We want to get married in Times Square." said Renee.

"Like, IN-in it?" I said, because I am awesome at English.

She did, in fact, mean "in-in" it. And yes, you can get married in Times Square.

Confession: this photographer was skeptical. Would the crowds behave and be respectful? That was my biggest concern. My second concern was the cops. I'm a huge proponent of asking forgiveness over permission, and I knew that a four person gathering - which is technically what this is - doesn't require a permit, but the thought of a grumpy police officer nixing the ceremony right in the middle of the "I do"s made me nervous.

The officiant - the calm and lovely Judie Guild, who I've worked with before - wasn't worried, though, so we trotted to the middle of Times Square in the middle of a mid-day throng of tourists and New Yorkers, and got them married.

It worked out beautifully. Of course a crowd gathered like I knew they would, and they were respectful. When it was Renee's turn to say I do, she shouted it, and the hundreds of people that surrounded us burst into applause. There was a second round of cheers for the kissing, and you could feel the love coming out of everyone who formed an organic circle around the middle of two strangers eloping in Times Square. It was definitely an "Only in New York" moment.

These two love birds have been together for sixteen years and live in the deep south of Louisiana, so an over-the-top ceremony in Times Square was just right for them! And they were so fun. After their ceremony, I walked them the few blocks to their hotel, snapping photos along the way, creating the fuss that only a gal in a wedding dress dancing down the street can.

We already have plans to get drinks when they come back for a visit. Clearly, these guys know how to party, and I am happy to have met them.

If you are planning to elope in New York City, too, and would like a photographer, get in touch by using my contact form.