Sara's Maternity | New York City Maternity Photographer


It has been amazing - and really cool! - to see my tiny, 4'11 friend grow and grow and grow over these past few months.  ("How do you have NO stretch marks?" I demanded.  "Oil, girl!" she said.  She has a strict moisturizing regimine.)

I was so excited and honored to capture this signifigant and breif stage of life.  We started in her apartment where she jumped on the bed and posed in her brand new recliner, hands on belly.  (The bed jumping led to about 20 minutes of flopped on bed laying!)  Then we took to the streets of Park Slope where Sara made a pun.

The vitamin shot isn't staged, she actually had to take her morning pre-natals mid-shoot.  There should be, I thought, memories of all of it.

I'm determined to rid the world of ultra-cheesey maternity shoots - it helps to have pregnant friends who are hip and cute!

P.S. bonus for me: yummy newborn photos next month!