Sunny Central Park Elopement | Antonia & Jordan

New York City bride and groom elope in Central Park.
Bride and groom exchange rings in their Central Park elopement.
Bride and groom kiss during their wedding ceremony in Central Park.
Bride and Groom laughing in front of sprinklers in Central Park.
Portrait of newlyweds together in New York City.
Portrait of New York City Bride and Groom.
Full length portrait of bride in Central Park.
Close up portrait of groom in Central Park.
New York City newlyweds embrace in the park.

Antonia and Jordon loved the idea of getting married privately, just the two of them (plus their officiant and photographer, of course). 

They'd gotten engaged in July on a trip to the Lake District (a mountainous region in North West England). During a walk on their first day, Jordan found a quiet spot just beyond the summit, got down on one knee, and proposed. Antonia wasted no time in saying, "yes." They had already booked a vacation to New York and had planned to get married while there, the proposal just made everything official. 

None of the couple's family or friends knew of their plans to elope, they wanted to keep it a secret. So, as much as Antonia loved her stunning new engagement ring, she had to slip it off her finger and wait until after they were married to put it back on.

Once in New York, the couple was married in a low-key ceremony in Central Park, with only the officiant and me (plus some onlookers in passing rowboats) as witnesses. It was a beautiful summer day and the sun shined throughout. Antonia wore a long, embroidered white dress and a single white flower tucked in her hair. Jordon wore a brown vest. It was intimate and casual — just what they wanted.

After the ceremony we walked around the park for more portraits. Because they had kept their wedding a secret, photography was extremely important. Writes Antonia:

It is a secret wedding. We aren’t revealing that we got married — we’re just saying that we got engaged. Then, at the engagement party we are surprising everyone with our news. Therefore photography is really important as it’s the only way people will get to see the wedding ceremony!