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NYC newborn photography

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Photographing a newborn is a fun challenge. I always approach portrait sessions with a sense of "I will control what I can and let go of the rest", which usually applies to rain, actually, but with babies, you just never know. Are they going to be fussy, or happy, or sleepy? Usually, it's all three and more, and was in the case of this little guy. So I watched him carefully, and learned what his face would do, what would make him happy, how he reacted to lights, and noises, and me humming. I sang and shook toys. I crossed my fingers and then sighed when he wailed instead of cooed, waited for a bottle to be administered and a breastfeeding session to end (and took photos; as is my policy, I won't show them here, but OH! they are wonderful), carefully rearranged his tiny limbs into a cozy pose, and held my breath with my camera poised, ready to click. And then: he looked right at me. And it was amazing, magic.

p.s. Mom and I got together a few months prior to this and took some boudoir maternity photos. I wasn't super comfortable making them into a blog post, but here she is in a dress a few weeks before his birth.

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