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When I was nine, I swore I'd never do that adult thing and say stuff like, "My goodness, the kids have gotten so BIG!", but a few weeks ago, I totally did.

Seriously - look how much they've grown. It was 2011 when I first met these four in Prospect Park in Brooklyn for family photos. W., now age 2, had gone from cooing baby to rambunctious toddler, but he called me "Ambuh" and bear hugged my knees at the end of our shoot, so I he can pretty much get away with anything as far as I'm concerned . His sister is still that goofy ham I remembered, but more grown up, and it was great to see her help take care of her little brother.

Here's something I've been meaning to blog about, and now seems like a good time: photo shoots with toddlers. They're tough. I've never had a shoot where I didn't get at least ONE holiday card-worthy shot of everyone looking at the camera, but that's not going to be what the majority of your shots are like. Two year olds are wily and wiggly, and getting them to sit still is tough.

We're more likely to get photos of them flopped on the ground:

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Making hilarious, goofy faces:

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(I can't stop giggling at this photo.)

Getting swung upside down by dad:

toddler photography nyc

And a whole lot of not sitting where they're supposed to be:

(We had to pause here so I could wipe two tiny fingerprints off my lens.)

It's ok. My whole artistic philosophy says that perfection is overrated, and sincerity is where the good stuff is. I love these photos so much because they're real. So don't worry: life with toddlers is fun and crazy, and I can capture that, too.