The Marlow Experience: Free Engagement Photos | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

brooklyn-wedding-photographer 1 A few months ago, I quietly, somewhat nervously made a change in the way I do business and now I'm ready to talk about it: I'm offering free engagement sessions to couples that book me to shoot their full-day weddings (six or more hours of photography).

The best part for you: my wedding package prices didn't change. I'm genuinely offering them entirely as a perk. You can skip them if you'd like, of course (but why? They're FREEEEEE!), and non-wedding clients may purchase them a la carte as always. I'm offering them in New York City.

The main reason they're free is because they're valuable to me. I can see how you move in front of the camera, what your best smiles are, how you come together naturally, and if you need special help finding your smile (no judgement: I am the WORST at holding a smile. My passport photo looks like someone just stole my dog.) This all happens before the wedding day, in a low-key setting that gives us time to try poses that work and see what just doesn't fly for you. It also gives me an opportunity to connect with my couples, and give them then a more awesome "Marlow Experience" (this is a phrase that a photographer friend coined for me. I am not entirely sold on it because I think it sounds like either a dessert or a sex move, but...)

I've already shot a good handful, and I can't wait to do more! Get in touch if you'd like me to photograph your wedding, and we'll set up one of these NYC engagement sessions!

The photo above is me and my own shiny new fiancé Marley, in a photo taken a few weeks ago by my friend Carissa. I counted "one two three SMILE!" and snagged my pose right before the camera clicked. The only way you get a good smile out of me is by capturing it last second, and I use this method on clients all the time.