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I was invited to photograph a very small toddler-and-mom group that meets a few mornings in Prospect Park, which is pretty much the most "only in Park Slope" subject for a photo shoot ever, right? I had so much fun! Toddlers are the best; they're people who are just figuring out what it is to be human, so they marvel at everything, and their zest for being alive - touching things, smelling things, really feeling the texture of things - is so joyful to be around. I can see how parenting them can be exhausting, but it must be so rewarding, too.

Generally if I show up to photograph an elopement or wedding, I shower, put on lipstick, and attempt to look like a lady, but for this shoot, I threw on my workout clothes and running shoes, tied my hair up, skipped the makeup, and got ready to get down and dirty.

"We don't expect perfection," the moms told me. "They're... wily. Just do what you can."

And they were!

Snacks! Dirt! Bubbles! Shenanigans! Drama! This photo shoot had it all. I also learned that toddlers, when brought very near to a duck pond, will want to go into it head first.