Top of the Rock Elopement Photos in NYC | Anne+Jim

When Anne emailed me from the UK, she said she found my personal blog and my Life List which said that I wanted to photograph a wedding on top of a building. "I think we can help you with that!" she said.

We went to Bethesda Terrace in Central Park first for some wedding photos, popped into St. Patricks Cathedral for a couple of shots there and then... they ended up eloping to the Top of the Rock! Unfortunately visibility was at zero, so they essentially got married in a cloud. The plus side was that we enjoyed absolutely gorgeous diffused light and a nearly empty observation deck (there was another couple from England there that watched the ceremony off to the side and then hugged them after which was so sweet.)

After their ceremony we went to Grand Central for wedding photos, and then up to the chic Campbell Apartment, attached to Grand Central Terminal, for celebratory champagne (definitely add it to you must-do list if you visit NYC.)

Cheers to Anne and Jim! Thank you for helping me check this wonderful Life List item off my list in excellent fashion.

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 1

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 4

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 5

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 6

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 7

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 8

I would like it to be known that I kept my shit together on the elevator (at least long enough to take this photo) as it zoomed the 68 stories to the top. Mostly.

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 9

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 11

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 17

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 1

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 18

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 19

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 21

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 24

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 25

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 26

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 27

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 28

top-of-the-rock-elopement-nyc-photographer 29