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I love portrait photography. The dawn of social media gave us all an excellent excuse to spring for creative head shots that make us stand out in the crowd, and this is especially true for creative professionals, of which we have several in Brooklyn. You don't need a photo of yourself on a boring background if you write or paint for a living.

Valerie doesn't live here; she's based in Chicago and is a world traveler, awesome blogger, introspective thinker and, thankfully, a goofy poser. On a recent trip to Brooklyn, (where she stayed on my pull-out couch and enamored my dogs who got to hang out with someone new for a whole week!) we did a fun session to give her some with some creative head shots around Gowanus, Brooklyn, one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York, and just down the street from me.

I'm so happy Valerie is willing to be goofy and have fun, and we all loved having her here. Until next time, Val.