Viva Las Vegas! Same-Sex Vegas Elopement Photography Giveaway!


(That's my attempt at a record scratch.) THERE IS NEWS.

For the first time ever, we live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal in the majority of states. We are winning. Love is winning.

I'm going to celebrate.

One of those states pushing us into the majority? NEVADA. Starting at 2pm today, they are handing out the first marriage licenses to same-sex couples. That means Vegas, baby! I have literally been waiting for this day for my entire career. I am an elopement photographer - Las Vegas is the capital of elopements. I photograph same-sex marriages! Same-sex marriages in Las Vegas! Elvis! This is monumental!

The first same-sex couple to reach out to me telling me they're eloping to Vegas gets a FREE elopement photo package from me. I'll fly myself out and everything. Tell your friends, please, and have them get in touch.