Elegant Central Park Elopement | Abdiel & Eileen

Groom kisses bride during NYC elopement 
Bride and groom share their first dance at their central park wedding
Central Park Elopement
Luxury Elopement New York City
Bride and groom together on their wedding day.
Bride an groom exchange rings during their elopement ceremony
Bride smiling during the wedding ceremony 
Bride and groom share a kiss on their wedding day 
Bride and groom share their first dance 
Bride and groom dance together in Central Park 
First dance for the bridge and groom 
Bride and groom dance to wedding song in Central Park
First dance together as husband and wife
Bride and groom together during first dance
Groom smiles at his bride 
Bride and groom embrace in Central Park 
Bride and groom together with bouquet 
Black and white portrait of bride and groom under bridge 
Bride and groom kiss under the bridge 
Groom spins his bride 
The groom dips his bride 
Bride and groom smiling under beautiful arch 
Bride and groom together under arch 
Newlyweds under beautiful arches in NYC 
Black and white portrait under the arch 
Close up of bride and groom under arch 
Black and white photo of groom holding his bride 
Color portrait of groom by himself 
Groom against pillars in NYC 
NYC bride and groom close up 
Bride and groom after NYC elopement 
Groom gives bride a piggy back ride in NYC 
Bride and groom laughing in Central Park 
Bride and groom kiss in Central Park 
Bride and groom walking through New York City 
Bride and groom at grand central station 
Black and white portrait at grand central station 
Bride and groom running in front of grand central terminal 
Kissing in grand central station 
Portrait on staircase at Grand Central Station 

I had so much fun with Abdiel and Eileen at their elopement this winter. We never know what Central Park will give us - snow, ice? - but we got a gorgeous sunny day that was luckily not too windy. 

They got ready together in the Hudson Hotel, and had their ceremony in Central Park, officiated by Marley Jay. Scott Samuels was on hand to provide them with acoustic guitar for two, which was incredible. 

The iconic Grand Central Terminal served as final backdrop for their wedding photos.