For those about to wed, I salute you.

Every photographer has a different approach to your wedding day; mine is as straight-forward and honestly as possible, with a lot of love.

You can ask me anything you'd like at any point, of course, but if you're the type of person who likes to delve in and read everything, this is for you.

Style Profile

My photography style
My style is a mix of candid photos (especially on the dance floor!) traditional, iconic portraits for historical record (your family photos and individual portraits) and some editorial shots of the special details you worked with your vendors to create (this photographer loves florals!) 

I photograph from inside the party, not by hovering at the edge, to give you photos that will help you remember what it felt like when you and your new spouse left it all on the dance floor.

Black and white or colour?

Both, mostly colour. If you want more black and white, let me know. Images are ONLY delivered in either colour or black and white and can’t be converted either way afterwards.

Do you want a shot list? 
I will need two lists: a list of the family and wedding party formals, and another one with one to five special details you'll want captured that might not be immediately apparent (such as a memorial brooch on the underside of your bouquet, or a new wedding tattoo, etc.) 

During your wedding day, I have a list of the usual things at the back of my head: shoes, rings, invitation, etc. so you need not worry about those, and I promise you, there is no need for an internet list that has "bride and groom together" on it.

How do we build our family formals list?
A few weeks before your wedding, we'll have a final list and go over everything together (we can do this over the phone or meet in person.) I'll then re-write it in a an order that minimizes moving around and makes family photos go smoothly. On the day of your wedding, your family formals will be quick and fun (I swear!) and we'll make sure no one gets left out.

Our family is loud and unruly. Are you you sure you can handle it?
Oh yeah. It's also a really good idea, though, to appoint a wrangler who knows everyone for the family photos, too. 

Wedding Photography Coverage

Do you do engagement sessions?
I love engagement sessions. They're a wonderful time for us to get to know one another, and for you to see what it feels like to be professionally photographed before your wedding. This is especially helpful if you think you feel awkward in front of the camera.

During high wedding season (May - October) I photograph engagement sessions exclusively on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Brooklyn or Manhattan, an hour and a half before sunset. There is some flexibility in this, however.

Clients are responsible for obtaining all location permissions and permits necessary. This generally only applies to shoots indoors on private property; we do not need a permission to shoot in Central Park or on the streets of NYC, etc.

Do you use a second photographer at weddings?
For weddings with 150+ guests, you'll need a second shooter. Below that, it varies based on logistics. You will always have the option to add one no matter what size your wedding is.

For every wedding (even very intimate weddings), there will be a non-photographing lighting assistant with me. They are different than a second photographer.

Will you photograph our rehearsal dinner?
Rehearsal dinner photography coverage is a great addition, particularly for couples having destination weddings. You'll get warm, wonderful photos of your closest friends in family in a laid-back setting. You can add on this photography coverage, and will receive the photos along with your wedding day photos. Otherwise, I do not attend rehearsals. 

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Digital Images

How do we get our photos, exactly? 
You'll be emailed a digital proof gallery of your images. They look gorgeous laid out, and you'll be able to share them with a few clicks.

Are the digital images we download watermarked?
No. Some photographers do this to make sure they get properly credited, but I've never had a client have a problem putting "photo by @AmberMarlow" on their Instagram photos. My couples are the best. 

Printed Heirlooms

Do we have to order prints through you?
You'll be able to purchase prints through your digital proof gallery. The set up is exactly like a typical online store, and you can share this link with friends and family so they can shop for prints themselves (read: you don't have to handle the ordering for everyone).

What are your wedding album options?
Wedding collections include a wedding album, which you can chose a number of upgrades for. You can see all of the options, including chic storage boxes for them, by going to the wedding albums page. 


How long have you been a professional photographer?
I won my first photography award at age 16, became serious about photography in college, accepted the first payment for photography in 2009, and photographed my first wedding in 2011.

How many weddings and elopements have you photographed?
Over 200.

How long until we see our images?
If you get married over the weekend, expect to see a sneak peek on Monday or Tuesday (I can’t wait to Instagram any more than you can!) You’ll have the rest in due time afterward. Never more than eight weeks.

Your album will be ready a few months after delivery of your images, but you can start ordering prints right away.

How many wedding photos do you deliver?
The best answer is “Enough to tell your story”.

You’ll have more images if you have a lot of family formals, beautiful little details, more time for couple portraits, and/or a second photographer.

You’ll have fewer if your wedding day is intimate or with minimal details.

In addition to my signature coverage, we’ll have a conversation about your wedding day vision, to make sure your priorities are highlighted.

Tech & Legal

Do you have backup equipment? 
Yes. Extra lenses, extra cameras, and so, so many batteries. The cameras I use have dual slots for memory cards so I go home at the end of the night with two copies of your images.

How do you keep our images safe? We've heard horror stories of photographers losing all images.
I have an extensive, state-of-the-art backup system, and I'm happy to share it if you like to get geeky about such things.

What is your process like?
I shoot RAW images. Every image is hand-corrected, with no batch edits or Instagram-type filters. For album images and large framed prints, I take it to the next level with a bit of extra Photoshop on the images (you won't be able to tell!) to make sure they are absolutely perfect. Your album will be filled with magazine-quality images. This is a source of great pride for me.

Do we own the copyright of our wedding images? Can we buy the copyright?
No, you don’t own the copyright, I do. It is standard for wedding photographers to own the copyright of their images. What you are probably asking for is printing rights, and yes, you have those as part of your wedding photography package. You’ll receive a letter from me, the copyright holder, with your images that give you permission to print them.

Yes, you can buy the copyright. Please ask in advance how much this costs.

Can we have the RAW images?
Yes. In order to receive the RAW files, you’ll need to buy the copyright to your wedding image collection in conjunction with the RAW files.

RAW files are what my camera outputs; they are digital files that contain a ton of information, and you need special software to open them that most people don't have. You'll also need a high capacity computer to put them on with lots of RAM. The RAW files are incomplete images. It's the RAW files, plus my signature processing after that makes the images you’ve been enjoying on my website.

But yes, if, after knowing all of that you still want the RAW files and the copyright, I’ll sell them to you.

Can we have the high-resolution .jpgs?
Yes. High resolution .jpgs are the images complete at their largest size, and I include them in every wedding collection, at no additional cost. They're completed images, suitable for printing extremely large.

What gear do you use?
Professional level Canon cameras and lenses. I've been shooting a Canon camera since I was a teenager in the 90's, and my grandfather did, too. This makes me feel elderly.

Are you insured?
Yes. Please let me know at least two months in advance if your venue specifically needs a certificate of insurance. Some venues do, some don’t.

What about permits?
You are responsible for acquiring all photography permits needed on the day of the wedding. If it’s in NYC, I can usually point you in the right direction off the top of my head.

Everything Else

What if something happens to you on the day of our wedding?
I've never missed a wedding due to illness. I take shooting your wedding very seriously, of course, and would never "call out sick" unless there was a circumstance so extenuating it could not be helped. Should this happen, you will be offered a 100% refund or an alternative photographer from my network.

When should we book you?
As soon as you know you would like me to be your photographer. To book, I need to receive from you a signed contract and a retainer. Without these things, I cannot hold your date.

Can you travel?
Yes. My destination wedding clients are generally New Yorkers planning destination weddings.

Can we... ?
Probably. I'm flexible, accommodating, adventurous, and - as a true New Yorker - nearly impossible to shock.