FAQ & Pricing

You can visit the extended FAQ here.

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How much does your wedding photography cost?

Weddings begin at 4500 in NYC.

Average elopements are 2000 - 3000.

That said…

It’s really hard to pinpoint a price without a conversation about your unique wedding. Experience has shown me that most couples don’t know the amount of coverage they need (and why would you? I’m the professional!)

My policy is to have a transparent, honest conversation with each couple about their budgets, so please reach out if you just know you’re a “Marlow couple”, and we’ll talk. I’m always open to working with great couples.

What’s always included?

  • High resolution images.

  • A web page for viewing images and ordering prints.

  • A full print release.

Reach out via the contact form and I’ll be in touch soon.

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Why Amber Marlow?

My photography is for couples who value traditional imagery mixed with creativity. I balance raw, unposed, genuine moments with an editorial perspective.

I’m also devoted to your personal experience in working with my studio, because the connection between photographer and subject is so important. You’ll get:

  • A personal touch.
    You’ll have my real phone number. I’ll work with you and your wedding planner to create a streamlined timeline. Need to talk, even not specifically about photography? Call me.

  • A conscious approach.
    If something goes not according to plan - pouring rain, surprise scaffolding, hair delays, any of the one million things that New York City can and will throw into the mix - your wedding photos will still be fantastic.

  • A whole lotta love.
    Emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity are both huge parts of the work I do. I will lovingly handle rounding up your family, be gentle with a shy flower girl, and treat all of your friends and family with dignity and respect.