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A fun gallery of highlights from weddings in New York City and beyond. Featuring spontaneous fits of laughter, quiet tears, iconic portraits, gorgeous details, photojournalistic moments, and everything in between. My goal in collecting this wide variety of photos is to show the full scope of my wedding photography.

I want to photograph you on your wedding day looking your absolute best in a way that feels authentic, and showcasing your genuine relationship with each other. This is done with a considered mix of the technical knowledge I’ve spent years developing - shutter speeds, ISO, focal lengths, etc. - and my fine art knowledge of composition, lighting, and posing.

Then, I take the time to get to know you and your family dynamic. There’s a focus on our repartee so you feel good, which helps you look good. Knowing most people aren’t totally comfortable being photographed, I use gentle guidance to feature you in your best light.

Adding the best customer service possible from start to finish, and you have the Marlow Signature experience: award-winning photos, a great time, and a wedding vendor you can turn to for just about anything.



My studio offers couples a boutique experience, allowing me to concentrate on every aspect of my client's needs personally. It’s important to me to create a strong personal connection with my clients and their planners before the big day, to gain a good understanding of their wedding vision.


Wedding photography collections made-to-measure for each couple.