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Post-ceremony champagne for two, heading to their reception at the Burden Kahn Mansions.

New York City Wedding Photographer, Available Worldwide

Who I am

I’m Amber Marlow, wedding photographer, and I absolutely love what I do! I take a mostly-traditional approach to wedding photography, adding spice with unexpected images and angles throughout the day that give you a dynamic range of wedding photos to put in your wedding album and treasure for years to come. (You can read more about me on my About Amber page.)

What I do

Photograph weddings - of course. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and still get choked up at all of them - really. Some photographers lean towards intimate weddings, some like big blowouts — I personally like them in all shapes and sizes, with the common thread being friends, family, love, laughter, and genuine connection.

Where I do it

All over. I’m based in NYC, in Brooklyn, and while absolutely love Brooklyn weddings where I can grab a taxi back home, I also love when New Yorkers have destination weddings in the Caribbean, and want to take me along. The advantage of this option is that you get the opportunity to meet with me at home, can take engagement photos here, and have peace of mind in connecting face-to-face before the wedding weekend. So easy.

501 Union Wedding in Brooklyn

A getting ready shot at 501 Union in Gowanus. There’s a dressing room in the back, but the light was so much prettier by the front window that we used this area for final details.

Wedding Photography Style

My photography style is vibrant and crisp. I keep it classic, with true-to-life toning so your wedding photos won’t look dated in a few years.

I pair fine art techniques with photojournalism sensibilities to create a compelling collection of wedding images for your album.

My “posing” for portraits is extremely gentle, and focuses on authentic connections while thoughtfully taking into account the gorgeous variety of shapes and sizes my couples come in, as well as their gender expressions.

26 Bridge Wedding in Brooklyn

Right before their 26 Bridge wedding in DUMBO. We did a first look and then portraits in the area surrounding.

The “Marlow Experience”

My studio offers couples a boutique experience, allowing me to concentrate on every aspect of my client's needs personally. It’s important to me to create a strong personal connection with my clients and their planners before the big day, to gain a good understanding of their wedding vision.

My team is made up of the best lighting assistants, second photographers, photo editors, retouchers, and album designers I know, to ensure that everything about your experience leaves you feeling well taken care of and supported, and that your photos, prints, and album are gorgeous beyond your expectations.

Everyone working for my studio is skilled and thoughtfully hired. They believe that Love is Love and Black Lives Matter; that beautiful couples come in all shapes and sizes, and will treat everyone at your wedding with dignity and respect.

How to Book Me for Wedding Photography

It’s way easy: get in touch, and we’ll chat. I’ll send you my full price list, and if you decide to hire me, I’ll send agreement for you to sign. You pay the retainer, and you're officially in my calendar. I accept checks, a selection of digital payments, and all major credit cards.

Your Engagement Period

Couples get my personal phone number to call or text when they book. I adore my clients, and would do anything for them! (Things I've weighed in on: florals, lingerie, bow ties, bridesmaid dresses, and I once went to fitting with a bride. Seriously: I love weddings.)

We'll meet in person if you’d like (your planner is invited, too!) to discuss your timeline, your family lists, and your wedding album.

During this time, we'll also have your engagement session, which is a fun way for you to see how it feels to be in front of the camera before your wedding day.

On Your Wedding Day

My team and I arrive on the day of your wedding a little early to get the lay of the land, set up lighting, and say hello to your closest friends and family. We'll be there blending in and gently directing when necessary, capturing your wedding day with the authentic, easy-going vibe I'm known for. There will be times you won’t notice us at all, as we fall back to respect the vibe of what’s happening - this is extremely important to us - and times where we are cheerfully rounding up your family for photos.

Emotional intelligence is a significant part of what I do, and what I’m hired for. This is especially helpful to have on a day when big, big feelings are happening. I’m always observant, and work hard to preserve the mood of your wedding day experience. Need to talk about it beforehand? We’ll do that.

After The Honeymoon

You'll wait only a few weeks (not months) to get your images. You'll also receive a digital online gallery with high resolution images. Each will be hand-corrected, and a set of highlights will be touched up with a tiny bit of Photoshop and other professional applications (you won’t be able to tell!)

Finally, your album will be hand-delivered if you live in New York City, or shipped to you anywhere in the world, compliments of my studio.

Destination Weddings

Living in NYC, travel to anywhere in the world is relatively simple for me, and I love heading off with my destination wedding clients. I keep it simple, and arrange all air and ground transportation as well as accommodations, so you don't need to worry about anything as far as I’m concerned.

New York-based Destination Wedding Photographer

A destination wedding in Bali, for this couple I met in New York.

Causes & Ethics

My business supports Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the UNCF, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the National Immigration Law Center with monthly donations.

My studio does not accept weddings in zoos or aquariums with captive mammals, or where trained wild animals are being used, such as elephants, baby tigers, etc.

Brooklyn Winery Wedding Photos.jpg

Wedding portraits at the Brooklyn Winery.

About You

  • You want a photographer that is easy to be around. 
    The most frequent review I get is “Amber made us feel at ease” which is just... oh man. What a compliment.

  • You want to work with a wedding photographer that is “woke” and egalitarian.
    No expressions like “It’s the bride’s day!" and treating grooms like second-class citizens; no using pronouns you don’t, or making my incredible non-binary clients feel "othered"; no fatphobia or body shaming; no racism; no treating your same-sex wedding differently. Not in my house.

  • You may have said, “I hate having my photo taken!” 
    Listen y’all. I’ve said this myself, so I make it a point to be photographed about once a year by my colleagues just so I can remember how intimidating it can be. The truth is, I don’t have “awkward clients”, I have “clients who think they are awkward”, but who are really great in photos when we get down to it. This is because I’m photographing them together, in love, as they really are, and not putting them in “people getting married” poses. You know what I mean? I never tell you to smile, but maybe I’ll make you smile. It’s a difference, and it’s subtle, but it’s everything.

    That said, I cannot overstate how helpful it is to add an engagement session to your collection so we can get to know one another first if this is a big concern.

Street Cred

My photography has been featured in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Catalyst Wedding Co., the Associated Press, a Practical Wedding, Glamour, BRIDES, Style and the Bride, Offbeat Bride, Simply Elope, and in international newspapers. I was listed by Tomayia Colvin as a "Notable Black Female Photographer to Follow."